Safety Program

At FPD Power Development, safety is our top priority. Our safety program is designed to provide our team with the knowledge and tools required to create a safe, accident and hazard free job site.

The purpose of this program is to ensure that we:

  • provide all employees with a safe working environment free from recognized hazards.
  • provide properly maintained equipment with which our employees can perform their work.
  • abide by Federal, State and local safety and health regulations as they pertain to our industry.
  • respect the property and members of the general public while conducting our operations.
  • observe all good safety practices as determined by location and circumstances.

Each employee is required to complete our 8 hour safety course and 10 hours of OSHA training before being authorized to work on one of our job sites. In addition, all team members are expected to attend weekly safety meetings and are exposed to ongoing safety training. In support of our safety efforts, all management personnel has completed 30 hours of OSHA training.

By instituting and enforcing this comprehensive program, we reduce the potential risks our employees face on the job and establish an organizational culture of safety.

If you have any questions regarding safety related issues, feel free to contact our Corporate Safety Director Gary L. Loge by phone 719-569-2609 or email